Providing clarity and implementation to visionary entrepreneurs.

Online Business Integrator

Your business is a living, breathing, part of your life.

Once you’ve raised it out of the toddler stage, there are a lot of moving pieces. It becomes exhausting to be the creator, marketer, team leader, cheerleader and planner of all the future things. You don’t need someone else to manage, you need someone to oversee the people, processes and projects so you can focus on the vision. Our services transform businesses from cluttered and unanchored to calm and orderly.

How We Can Support You

Strategy + Planning Call

Do you need some help untangling and prioritizing? Schedule a 60-minute call with me to do just that. You will walk away with clarity and a plan for the immediate future.

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Retainer Services

You are ready for someone to sit next to you at the top, filtering your ideas and making sure everything in your business is in alignment with your mission. You’re ready for help with implementation, team management and project oversight so you can focus your time on what’s next.

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Business Planning: Done in a Day

During this half-day intensive we will align your goals, plan ahead and create a blueprint for execution. You will know exactly where your business is going, who you need to hire and have the support to make it happen.

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Meet Christina

I am an integrator primarily serving female-owned creative businesses.

Our partnership includes discovery, alignment and execution of your vision. We accomplish this by streamlining processes, hiring the right people and strategically planning so your business grows with intention.

Christina Sidoti

It must have been a visionary that first wrote: “It’s lonely at the top.”

As your business grows, your expanding team will look to you for leadership, direction, and vision.

But when you are a visionary, the ideas that crowd your brain limit your ability to execute. The strategies that got you to this place may not be working anymore.

Success can be accidental but growth is not.

What if your projects were seamlessly managed for you without your constant oversight?
How amazing would it be if you could shift your creative energy from things that give you a headache, to work that increases your bottom line?
What if you had a kick-butt integrator to facilitate and implement your vision?

Not everyone is excited by organization, SOPs, and processes. Lucky for you, I am.

Hear From Our Clients

“Christina is such an asset to me in growing my design studio- she’s helped me streamline my calendar system I use when working with clients, which has saved me a ton of time and brain-space, and she is an invaluable resource in helping me launch my first course and all of the many working parts that go with it. She is knowledgeable in all the areas I need and her expertise is a vital part of my business team. I wouldn’t hesitate to hire her!”

Amy Pottenger of Refresh Design

“Working with Christina has moved me from a place of complete overwhelm to one where I feel like I can breathe and enjoy both my business and personal life. She has an understanding of my business from nearly every angle and works continuously with my team to make sure we are clear on our goals and responsibilities. She is 100% a wonderful friend and professional to have along for the wild ride that is operating your own business.”

Katie Gaston, owner of Baybala

“Not only is she a finisher and good with details, but she’s also patient. It does not frustrate her when I go off track and she has to reel me back in. She has the right personality type to work with someone like me who is a steam train, 100 miles ahead, rolling down the tracks and she’s just making sure all the tracks are laid out in front of me as I go. It’s a really good combination. It’s been such a relief.”

Suzanna Kaye of Suzanna Kaye Organizing

“I’m much less overwhelmed when I open my email. I don’t have an inbox full of unread emails because I’m using it as a task list anymore, instead, I’m using… real task lists! I have a better understanding of the systems I have and use (not always the same) and can track my client journey and projects through them for on- and off-boarding. It may feel like therapy at times (that’s a good thing) because we’re all unorganized in one or more ways. Christina is patient and nurturing while applying her analytical skills to drill down to the strains on your business processes. Once she identifies the issues, she helps you unf*ck them and THAT is an amazing accomplishment.”

Rebecca Pope, owner of RMP Events