Business Planning:

Done in a Day

Year-long planning… everyone’s favorite. Right? Not really. But what if you could plan your business year in 4 hours?

And what if it came with a roadmap, checklists and helpful extras to keep you moving toward your goals?

Enter CS Driven’s Business Planning: Done in a Day.

In a half-day intensive, we will use my 5 part framework to accomplish what may take you and your team months to complete. You will walk away knowing what you need to do, the team you need for support and when you need to do it.

  • Half-day Zoom meeting where I guide you through my 5 part framework: Define, Dream, Determine, Devise, Do
  • A master calendar for the coming year
  • Project checklists
  • Instructional videos
  • Hiring questions cheat sheet
  • List of vetted potential team members
  • General launch checklist
  • Two weeks of follow up email support

Investment: $2,000

Done in Day

Here’s a sample of what you’ll walk away with:

“I’ve never really gotten past putting things on my calendar that I then ignore later. Having somebody who has spent time understanding my business and my goals then being able to see the big picture of what can realistically fit in one year has been such a relief. Then I have the added bonus of having a sounding board to tell me when I am going off track and reel me back in. It has been so helpful.”

Suzanna Kaye of Suzanna Kaye Organizing

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